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Version 1.1 Alpha 2

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You can keep the dime.

- Jim Croce


The Aztec Engine software and a set of sample Aztec scripts are available for free download. There are three separate zip files for download.

♦ '' contains the Aztec Engine software, Version 1.1 Alpha 2, and associated O/S level libraries.

♦ The Aztec Engine is a Win32 application (Windows 7, 8 and 10) which contains the Aztec Compiler, Aztec Virtual Machine, Aztec UI Display Server and the entire Aztec Class Framework. It consists of a single Windows executable file named 'Aztec.exe' with a size of 1.81 MB.
♦ Three Microsoft redistributable libraries are also contained within the zip file, and they are automatically extracted into the proper location relative to the Aztec Engine executable (in the same folder).
♦ No special setup or installation is required once the files are extracted from the zip file.
♦ The AztecEngine zip file size is 3.43 MB.

♦ '' contains sample programs written in the Aztec Programming Language.

♦ Each script contains a header with a description of the sample Aztec source code.
♦ The AztecSample zip file size is 46.0 KB.

♦ '' contains support files from an Aztec presentation held in September, 2017.

♦ Contains a formal presentation, backup slides, the Aztec Engine software and a variety of sample Aztec source code files.
♦ The AztecPresentation zip file size is 4.88 MB.

Refer to the "Aztec Engine Overview" page in the Language Definition section of the website for information on how to use the Aztec Engine software.

You can only download and use the Aztec Engine software if you read and agree to the terms and conditions described in the license agreement below.



Copyright © 2010-2017

Aztec Development Group

All Rights Reserved

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