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Aztec Development Group is a small software development company located in Western Massachusetts near the Quabbin Reservoir. Our main focus is the design and development of the Aztec Programming Language and associated Aztec Engine software, as described in detail on this website. More details are available from the company website at ''.

♦ Tom LaFlamme, President of Aztec Development Group

Tom is a passionate, dedicated and rigorous engineering professional with experience in a variety of industries. He has substantial experience and expertise in two separate disciplines, structural engineering and software engineering.

♦ B.S. Cum Laude in Mechanical Engineering from UMass Amherst

♦ Author of the Aztec Programming Language

♦ Designed the Aztec Language syntax and Class Framework definition
♦ Designed and implemented all C++ code for the Aztec Engine, which includes the Aztec Compiler, Aztec Virtual Machine, a message based Window server, a client/server socket based communication system, and an application interface for creating Aztec frameworks in C++
♦ Designed and implemented all C++ code for the Aztec Class Framework
♦ Created the Aztec Programming Language website

♦ Twenty-two years of experience as a software engineer involved in all aspects of the development process

♦ Strong C, C++ and Java design and development skills, with experience on a variety of platforms, technologies and other languages
♦ Tom has a long history of solid designs and minimal code defects
♦ Software experience in Healthcare, Insurance, Aerospace, Nuclear, Wireless Communication and Garment Industries

♦ Fourteen years of experience as a structural engineer in the Aerospace Industry

♦ Responsible for designing components to survive jet engine induced vibration and thermal loads
♦ Couple vibration and stress analysis with environmental testing (thermal, vibration and shock) to prevent fatigue failures of jet engine components
♦ Work with jet engine manufacturers and the FAA to validate requirements compliance and achieve component flight qualification

♦ Project lead, team lead and mentoring experience in structural engineering and software engineering disciplines

♦ Quality, Customer Driven Software Consulting Services

♦ Object oriented analysis, design and implementation

♦ Application development in Windows and Linux/UNIX environments, client or server, website and cloud development

♦ Waterfall or Agile development methodologies

♦ Expertise in C++, Java, JavaScript and Aztec and experience with AngularJS, C#/.Net, CSS, HTML, XML, SQL, Python, R and MATLAB

♦ We will also work with an interested customer to integrate C++ code into the Aztec environment, creating Aztec classes and methods using legacy C++ code

♦ Aztec handles all project management, milestone tracking and risk assessment tasks for the project

♦ Project status meetings, design reviews and software demonstrations will be scheduled as appropriate based on mutual agreement

♦ A team of senior level cloud, web and data science engineers is also available if needed

♦ Experts at object oriented design, algorithm design and creating multi-threaded, message driven programs

♦ If you would like to contact us

♦ To report bugs or issues in the Aztec Language, Aztec Engine, Class Framework or documentation, or to provide general comments, ask questions, etc.

♦ To contact Tom LaFlamme

♦ USPS Mailing Address

Aztec Development Group
P.O. Box 3457
Amherst, MA 01004

♦ Aztec Development Group World Headquarters

CSDG Headquarters 1


CSDG Headquarters 2


♦ The Neighborhood

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CSDG Neighborhood 2


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Copyright © 2010-2017

Aztec Development Group

All Rights Reserved

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