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public abstract class SocketEvent from<Event>




SocketEvent is an abstract class which provides a simple framework for all socket related events. It provides a method to return the socket which is associated with the event (named 'Socket()'). The 'Socket' class is also abstract, so the actual socket returned will either be a 'ClientSocket' object (for close and receive events) or a 'ServerSocket' (for connect event).

SocketEvent Methods

SocketEvent() Constructor for the SocketEvent class
Socket() Returns a reference to the socket object processing the event

Derived Classes

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public method SocketEvent(Socket AssociatedSocket)



The socket associated with the event

Return Value



Constructor for the SocketEvent class.


SocketEvent Class


public method<Socket> Socket()



Return Value

Reference to socket associated with the event


This method returns the socket reference associated with the event. If the actual socket event class is client related, this will be a 'ClientSocket' object, and if it is server related, this will be a 'ServerSocket'.


Each class derived from this class provides a method to get this same socket object with a name (and return type) specific to the type of socket it processes (SocketReceiveEvent and SocketCloseEvent each have a 'ClientSocket()' method and SocketConnectEvent has a 'ServerSocket()' method).


SocketEvent Class


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