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public class DisplayException from<ExceptionEvent>





The DisplayException class is used to report the invalid use of a UI resource (Window, Font, Color, Pen or BitMap) with a particular Display. Each of the listed UI resources is created within a specific Display. The local Display is default during resource creation, but the user can also create these items within a Display object that is remote from this Aztec script/application. If the user tries to use one of those listed resources with a Display that is different than the Display in which the resource was created, this DisplayException is fired by the system.


This exception also handles the situation where the script/application tries to access a window that has already been closed.


This exception will also be fired if the Aztec source code tries to connect to a remote Aztec UI Display Server, and the version of the Remote UI Display Server is not compatible with the Aztec Engine making the connection request.


DisplayException Methods

DisplayException() Constructor for the DisplayException class
ErrorId() Error Id which caused the exception (constants listed below)
Display() Returns the Display where the error occured (local or remote)

DisplayException Constants

Constant Data Item Data Type Value
DisplayException.BadWindow int 1
DisplayException.ClosedWindow int 2
DisplayException.BadColor int 3
DisplayException.BadPen int 4
DisplayException.BadFont int 5
DisplayException.BadBitMap int 6
DisplayException.BadVersion int 7

Derived Classes

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public method DisplayException(int ErrorId, Display TargetDisplay)



Error Id value which caused the exception to be fired


Display reference where the resource was trying to be used

Return Value



Constructor for the DisplayException class using a reference to the corresponding Display object where the resource is being used. The Error Id and the targeted Display are passed into the constructor. The Error Id value will correspond to one of the predefined constants for this class, which are defined above. This class is instantiated automatically by the Aztec Virtual Machine to handle the applicable error condition.


DisplayException Class


public method<int> ErrorId()



Return Value

Error Id value that initiated the exception


This method returns the Error Id value corresponding to the type of offense that caused the exception to be fired. The value will correspond to one of the Error Id constants for this class that are defined above.


DisplayException Class


public method<Display> Display()



Return Value

Display being targeted


This method returns a reference to the Display object that is being targeted by the offending resource.


DisplayException Class


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